Take Back Your Privacy

Google tracks, records and then profits from the following information about your personal life:

  • Usernames, passwords and security questions from your computers, mobile phones, tv and wi-fi
  • Your name, gender, birthdate, graduation date, anniversary
  • Your personal cellphone numbers and recordings of all your Google Voice calls
  • Your health conditions, sexual activities, partners and preferences, relationship problems, infidelity, divorce
  • Your family members, and your conflicts or problems within those relationships, including injuries and death
  • What your finances look like including your assets, liabilities, credit situation, legal troubles
  • Your Google searches, the websites you visited and the ads you watched or clicked on
  • Whatever interests you prefer such as football, games, jazz, audio equipment etc.
  • Your favorite food, drinks, dining spots, stores and entertainment
  • Where you work, how much you earn, where you go to school, what you study, your grades
  • If and what time you turned on or off any lights in your bedroom or home
  • Where you live, who your neighbors are and what’s going on in your back yard
  • Who you’re talking to and what you are talking about
  • Exactly where you've been over the past several years
  • The YouTube videos you've watched and your YouTube searches
  • Every time you used your voice with Google Assistant (as well as the recordings of your voice)
  • All your ideas in your Gmail and Google Docs... and so much more...

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Google has absolute power and is completely corrupt!

When you add up all the information found in this catalog, it is clear that Google, Inc. / Alphabet Inc., Page, Schmidt and Brin intentionally built an entirely criminal business that includes:

  • Theft of Inventions and Ideas
  • Anti-competitive Practices
  • Racketeering & White Collar Crime
  • Antitrust Violations
  • Fake Advertising Traffic
  • Privacy Theft & Privacy Invasion
  • Search Engine Manipulation & Mind Control
  • Political Corruption
  • Election Manipulation
  • Paid Biased Research
  • Phony Organizations
  • Online Hit Squads
  • Preventing Freedom of Speech
  • Employee Abuses
  • Income Tax Evasion
  • Retaliation
  • Bait and Switch Theft
  • Competitive Business Annihilation
  • Asset Theft from Shareholders
  • Stock Manipulation


During the summer of 2017, our dozens of Coalition members helped circulate negative truths over a four week test period. The market reacted and Google’s stock dropped close to 80 points – proving that we’d found an Achilles heel, and that investors care and react when given the facts. Our next negative circulation is going to be exponentially larger in previously undiscovered crimes leading to a significant decrease in the number of people that use Google, as well as a noticeable reduction in Google's revenue and decline in their stock price.

Whether you are a consumer, business owner, inventor, or anyone in-between – it’s your time to enact a change! First, stop using Google Search. Instead use startpage.com from Berkley, which uses Google but does not track you or connect you to your searches. Second, close your Gmail account because Google spies on everything in all your emails. Try Proton or Startmail if you want total privacy. Many email providers don’t profit by stealing your personal information and selling it to others. Do a little research. Next, stop using Google Docs because they steal all of your ideas. Most cloud services are honest. They have the same exact features as Google Docs and won’t steal your ideas and professional work like Google does. Search for your videos on startpage.com. Just don’t click the first few links that will always be Google’s YouTube. The majority of those same videos are posted on other networks all over the world.

Delete Chrome from all your devices and any other Google Search bars or default search URL’s set to Google in other non-Google browsers. If you’re ready to go the full mile to get back ALL of your privacy, then trade in all of your Android devices and Chrome books for an iPhone, and an iPad, which are competitively priced. Critics and consumers unanimously agree that Apple products are just better. What's more, Apple does not spy on you, steal your work, or sell any of your private information to anyone. They protect you. After you get rid of your Android devices, be sure not to include Google Maps, Chrome, Google Search or any other Google products on your new device or you will still have Google stealing most of your private information and profiting from it illegally and without your knowledge or permission. Get rid of Google Home Products such as Google Home, Google Assistant and Google Nest. They use the cameras and audio system to literally watch you and listen to you in your home. They know if you're going to the bathroom, how long you're in there, they know if your marriage is failing and when you turn your lights off at night, among many other things. In short, they know everything about you that you know.

Asked if users should trust Google, Chairman Eric Schmidt turned the issue around, implying that if anyone is unethical it’s the offended users: “If you have something that you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place.” Speaking to fears about omnipresent surveillance, Schmidt suggests that young people can change their names when they become adults to escape past indiscretions. And if you don’t like having your house displayed on Google Street View, you “can just move."

Google’s double standard on personal privacy was again revealed when CNET reporter Elinor Mills decided to see what information she could find online about Google’s Eric Schmidt. When she linked to a public website displaying his home address, Schmidt complained bitterly about the disclosure of private information. Google even retaliated by announcing it would cease cooperating with CNET for one year.